What a Scene It Was!

I was walking with my friends on the beach and we like to take a day to go to the local resort town that is full of tourists and families on the boardwalk on their summer vacations. It is interesting to see how many different people are out there enjoying the beach, it’s such a great site to see. People were looking at the birds that seemed to be wherever you looked, so we looked up bird control in Monmouth County NJ to see if we would be able to find someone who would come to the beach and they would be able to go and actually tell us what were up with the birds. Normally, I would be OK with birds but I found that they were really angry and they really were trying to get food in any way that they could, even stealing from people and that is where my story started.

I had just gotten a huge slice of pizza on the boardwalk and I was walking towards the picnic tables on the side of the beach where my friends were eating. I was so happy to enjoy this slice, have a great tall glass of ice water and enjoy the weather while sitting outside and taking in the sites. As I was making my way across the boardwalk, I had the pizza slice in one hand and the water in the other, and it was really weird to see something swooping down towards me from the sky. It was one of those huge birds coming down and as soon as I saw it, it grabbed the pizza slice off my plate and it began to eat it. My friends were in shock and they got pictures by chance, I will never forget that day in Wildwood.